Testimonials and Quotes from Parents

Reading what other parents say about a service that you are looking can give you the best idea about what people think of a service and we are produ to be able to share some of our feedback with you.
A quote from a Empire Club mum who's son is 15 years old

"My son started attending Bexley Snap probably from the age of 2, he has progressed through the various programmes as he as gotten older. He now attends Empire Club aged 15, and enjoys it very much. The activities are varied and keeps him entertained, he loves the cooking sessions, art and crafts and days out.  My son's social skills have also been developing during his time with Empire Club, and this builds his confidence when interacting with people."
A quote from a My Space Club Mum who's Son is 16 years old

"Our son has attended the Bexley SNAP 'MySpace' youth club since 2021. We were initially concerned that he would find an 'out of school' club difficult, but we are delighted to say he has loved it from day one. He always gets so excited in the days leading up to the next session, and wants to tell everyone about what he has done at the club. He has made friends, and his confidence has definately grown from meeting new people. He loves the wide variety of different activities and the trips out that the club organises. In particular he enjoyed the crazy golf, the cinema visit, and the Christmas Disco. We are so pleased that we decided to enrol him in MySpace, as there are limited choices for children with special educational needs to access fun activities. We have always found it to be a safe and secure environment, with dedicated and passionate staff".
From Heather mum of a 4 year old girl at Early Years

"We knew something was different with our daughter from an early age. It was so hard to get someone to listen to us and we had no idea what direction to turn to. We finally had a professional use the term “autism” when she was just over the age of two but we still didn’t know where to go. We went to a coffee morning organised by Facebook mums where that community introduced us to SNAP I immediately got in contact and was found a place straight away and the rest in history. 

Before SNAP my non verbal daughter couldn’t go anywhere without a break down. She didn’t want to leave her house. The early years play sessions have given her the confidence to go out in the world and be who she is. 

To say SNAP has changed our lives is an understatement. We have now found our people. We have built an entire community of life long friends for my daughter and myself and we are enterally grateful! We cannot recommend SNAP highly enough and more people need access to this wonderful service" .

From a mum of a boy coming up to 3 at Early Years

"I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to see my son so engaged in the sessions. What a phenomenal difference only 6 months has made. He communicates so much more with us and to see him popping the bubbles by himself and taking himself to the trampoline and jumping up and down, is just wonderful.

Forever grateful for all you do and have done for all of us." .

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