Vibe– 18-25 years old – Tuesday Sessions last 1 hour and 45 minutes and take place at various locations in the borough

Our club supports group members to take part and enjoy the planned activities that they have chosen together. The themes include nights such as BBQ and games nights, Trampolining and other sports, cooking, quizzes as well as trips to the local pub, theatre, restaurants and even the local take away.

Young Person and families Quote

For someone who has been shielding for a year to hear him laughing out loud again during the Zoom call was a breath of fresh air!  Thank you all. .
Was a great day seeing my friends at Snap in small groups.
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If you are the parent/carer of a disabled child (or are working with someone who has a disabled child and have permission to forward their details), living in or around the London Borough of Bexley and are interested in our support.

For more information please send us an email clicking on the "JOIN US" button and we will be in touch with you.
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