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How we support your work

If you are already working with disabled children, there is a possibility that we are also supporting the family and could be offering additional support. Most families with a disabled child face multiple appointments with professionals, are signposted to many support organisations and many just don’t have the time to co-ordinate this themselves.

By working together with other professionals in Bexley, we aim to provide a more co-ordinated approach to support services for our families, offering advice and guidance from different agencies at one venue to ease travelling around the borough. For professionals, it is an opportunity to meet with families and, in some settings, observe the disabled child. We can then work together to provide a more seamless support service.

You can arrange to visit our leisure and short break services to observe the child or chat to the support workers, or perhaps meet our Little Stars team to exchange ideas or knowledge about services that we could use.


What really helped me was to discover that I was not alone and that there were many other parents/carers just like me, with one or more disabled children to care for.



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