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Parents being advised by a Bexley SNAP worker

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Counselling Service

Date(s): By appointment only
Time / Duration: 1 hour
Location: Sidcup Leisure Centre
Cost: FREE (during pilot period)

Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Bexley SNAP are trialling a new counselling service for parents/carers of disabled children or children with additional needs.

Parent/carers often express the fears, frustrations and anxieties they experience caring for a disabled child. We recognise that sometimes you just need to talk about how you are feeling in a quiet, safe environment. Parents/carers do not want to be judged for your thoughts and feelings and may need space to talk about your feelings, as well as the child, the diagnosis, the disorder, etc.

We aim that parents/carers who use the counselling service will benefit from

  • A safe place to be heard
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Non-judgemental respect
  • Understanding
  • Warmth and empathy
  • Time just for them
  • Freedom to talk about anything
  • A constructive move forwards
  • A unique opportunity

Who is it for?

Any parent/carer of a disabled child living within the London Borough of Bexley will be eligible for this service.

How it works

Parents/carers wishing to have some time to talk with a counsellor can download and complete the application for referral. Simply follow the steps in the download / upload facility below or print it out and return it to the Bexley SNAP office. Once this is received it will be passed onto the counsellor who will contact you within 7 days to arrange an initial assessment.

If there is space available, you will commence sessions at a mutually agreed time in either Sidcup Leisure Centre for up to 12 sessions. If there isn’t any availability you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when a space arises.  

This is a pilot scheme and is being offered as a free service initially. We hope to secure funding for the service to continue beyond October 2013 where this will be reviewed.

We would like to thank Parkwood Leisure for offering us a room at both venues to run the service.

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What really helped me was to discover that I was not alone and that there were many other parents/carers just like me, with one or more disabled children to care for.



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